The Quimby Family Foundation has been awarding yearly grants since 2005. We proudly partner with non-profits throughout the state of Maine to promote Human Wholeness. To us, Human Wholeness is physical, emotional, social, and spiritual health and we believe in the inherent value of nature to advance all four.

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Good Shepherd Food Bank

Mission: The mission of Good Shepherd Food Bank is to eliminate hunger in Maine by sourcing and distributing nutritious food to people in need, building strong community partnerships, and mobilizing the public in the fight to end hunger.

QFF Grant: For Cooking Matters, the program established in Maine by the Food Bank’s president. GSFB recognizes that Nutrition education is a challenge in its fight against hunger and that it is essential to not only provide nutritious food but nutrition education must be incorporated to eliminate food insecurity in the long term. GSFB’s Cooking Matters program provides the vital educational component by offering free, hands-on cooking and nutrition instruction to low-income families and individuals throughout the entire state.