Milbridge Commons
Fresh Produce from Incredible Edible Milbridge
Incredible Edible Milbridge
4.6 Acre Milbridge Commons
Incredible Edible Milbridge

The Quimby Family Foundation has been awarding yearly grants since 2005. We proudly partner with non-profits throughout the state of Maine to promote Human Wholeness. To us, Human Wholeness is physical, emotional, social, and spiritual health and we believe in the inherent value of nature to advance all four.

Women's Health Resource Library

Founded by Nurse Practitioner Christine Kuhni, The Women’s Health Resource Library (WHRL) opened in 2005 as a health lending library. Shortly after opening, their activities expanded to include a community-driven agenda prioritizing community needs. The mission of the WHRL is to advance and promote the health and wellness of the woman, her family and her community. In 2013, WHRL initiated a program called Incredible Edible Milbridge to address issues of hunger, food insecurity, and poor nutrition. Now in its fourth year, the program has established more than two dozen vegetable gardens throughout town that provide free, pick-your-own vegetables that are available to all. Volunteers help to maintain the gardens and offer hands-on community workshops that teach people how to grow, care for, harvest and use fresh vegetables. The expansion of this fresh food initiative is a key aspect of the vision for Milbridge Commons. In 2015, Maine Coast Heritage Trust purchased a 4.6-acre parcel of land, Milbridge Commons, which is within easy walking distance of downtown Milbridge. Women’s Health Resource Library WHRL, in partnership with Maine Coast Heritage Trust is developing Milbridge Commons with the goal of creating a garden and park community wellness environment. The community park and garden space will be a place to grow fresh food for a community struggling with health issues related to hunger, food insecurity and poor nutrition. In addition to growing food, accessible walking trails and play space for children will encourage physical fitness and create a public space for community gatherings as well as natural areas for bird watching and quiet reflection on the shores of Narraguagus Bay