Orchard planting at a local school
High school students plant an orchard
Lincolnville Central School students
Fourth-graders finish planting an apple tree
ReTreeUS plants educational orchards

The Quimby Family Foundation has been awarding yearly grants since 2005. We proudly partner with non-profits throughout the state of Maine to promote Human Wholeness. To us, Human Wholeness is physical, emotional, social, and spiritual health and we believe in the inherent value of nature to advance all four.


ReTreeUS is dedicated to promoting an environmentally sustainable, socially just food system through education, practical resources and mentorship. They plant orchards in schools and provide educational programs that empower people to be healthy environmental stewards. Since 2011, ReTreeUS has established 18 school orchards in the state of Maine, as well as 3 Partnership Orchards (Wolfe's Neck Farm, Cultivating Community and Seeds of Independence). These orchards, collectively, have the capacity to reach well over 7,000 individuals annually.